(よしもと みよこ、1969年3月18日 - ) は、山口県宇部市出身の女優、歌手。80年代アイドル。

その年の各音楽祭で新人賞を獲得する。 なお、デビュー前にニッポン放送ラジオ「前略一世風靡セピア」の中で


アイドル時代は自らを「体育会系」と称していた(デビュー当初から好きな食べ物に焼肉を挙げ、華奢な体格に反して大食で、成人後は更に酒豪が加わった)。歌手活動末期には、CHAGE and ASKAに依頼した2枚のシングルやサザンオールスターズのカバーなどの作品も発売している。
In a deep flavour of the Dublin tea. I wake up in the morning earlier. And I call you before the tea. How do I break the news to you? I don't know how to speak to you. When you wake up all alone, you wish that you own me there to hold.
But I'll be gone. Then I don't know it's too late. My life and the love. It were different!? Such a fresh morning. All night long, somewhere My only place. And I go to the bed, I'm not recognizing.

Looking “The Two" walking on the seaside, holding on hand, and understanding how they love. Happier are they, know it. They walking on the seaside, slowly. "The Two" know the sea. "The Two" recognaize only it. Love reign over their face.
Love around “The Two". Love, Long Live. The gentle wind on the sea. A cold breeze in on the head. What am I doing here? Now I'll turn over a new life. Live happy, "The Two"! Beyond the love.

Listening to the rain falling, I read the book in the bed all day long when
I wake up in the morning. Looking the rain falling over the window.
Looking the rain falling, thinking into the maze. And stopped.
This rain lead me to what it is. I don't need to think of that
How these whole thing might work out !!
I don't need to guess for a moment Never had such a strange sensation.
I don't know what to do. I wish I could make the first start.
I live my life again? I commit the crimes?
It is 50% reality.
Unchangeable night. The memory it is,
and the other thing into empty. I go into the dream every night
I wish I do someday we can build a life out with our own. I go into the another world. Stopped. Looking over the window for a long
time. Listening to the wave sound.
All people hope the ultimate reality. All people hope their individual realiy.
And complex and mysterious. All people are enjoyable......
Wish they realized it...... Who knows? Like an Esper.

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